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Summer Season For You

Stay cool and hydrated.Drink water, at least two to four cups (16-32 ounces) upon rising, and similar amounts if you are going out for activities and exercise. Carry water with you in a hard plastic...


How to eat well this summer — and stay healthy too!

The summer months are perhaps the most exciting time of year, with picnics, vacations, and fun events that simply don’t happen in the other seasons. But while there...




If you are a NEW patient (i.e., never been to an Urgent Medcare or at least not in the last 3 years) you will be asked to fill out new patient paperwork prior to being seen. In an effort to speed up this process, you may print out the following forms available for download below. Please note, additional forms may be required at check-in. 


  • New Patient & Financial Arrangement Form (3 links below)


There are also some forms below that may also apply for certain types of visits to our centers:

  • Medical Record Release Form (please note there is a charge for copying and transferring records)
  • AL Sports Physical PreParticipation Form
  • Boy Scouts Physical Form


  1 UMC New Patient Form 021414.pdf
  2 New_Patient_Questionnaire (MedHx).pdf
  3 UMC Financial Arrangement Form 011414.pdf
  UMC Medical Record Release 042814.pdf
  AL Sports Physical Form 2010.pdf
  Boy Scouts Physicals 041416.pdf
  Minor Consent 071017.pdf

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